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The image of the packaging gets stuck

Angello Gabriel Ioakimides 6 years ago updated by Kerti 6 years ago 3
More often than not, the image of the previous addition gets stuck, and/or the image is black and the app cannot access the camera on my iPhone 5s with ios 8.1.3. 
Under review
As I understand you have to allow your camera to access MediKeep app:
Settings > MediKeep > Camera ( turn on )

We are working to improve it.

Did it solve your issue for now?
It was activated/allowed. The first picture was taken properly. It was for the subsequent pictures on the next items that it did not work. I also tried ending the app and restarting it and that was the only way, or working another app for a while and the buffer clears (?) maybe. 
Thanks for your notification we'll look more into it.